Monday, April 19, 2010

When Nothing Else Will Do

I started drinking afternoon coffee with my parents when I was home in college and even now, having a cup takes me back to their living room... lounging on their plush couch, sipping coffee, eating dessert and analyzing life (and trust me, we analyze... my dad's a therapist :)).

(Say hi to my mom and dad - aren't they cute?? :))

Although I adore the smell and taste, I went on a coffee hiatus, trading it out for green and herbal teas in hopes that I could maintain a high enough energy level without it.

Most days I'm reasonably functional without the caffeine. I find that drinking lots of water, eating well and exercising help me stay alert. But today, folks, that wasn't cutting it. I was up at 5:15 this morning for 6am yoga (that absolutely kicked my rear, by the way) and I literally just never woke up! You would think that after dozens of chatarungas, arm balances and squats, I would have come home alert, but I walked back in the door the same way I left - sleepy eyed and slightly irritated that I was up so early. Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love my morning yoga classes, but today I just needed a cup of jo.... know what I mean?

At 3:30 I hit a wall and ventured out to Starbucks for a grande vanilla latte. It. was. amazing!! Hate to say it, but if addiction is possible after one cup, I believe I'm there.

John - please add an extra cup to your five tomorrow morning. I'll be grateful, and nicer, and prettier (??), and more likely to make you breakfast... ;)


P.S. I know ranting about coffee probably doesn't leave you feeling very blessed or inspired (except to maybe stop by Starbucks on your way home), so here's a little video to fuel your soul.

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