Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pull Up A Chair

Let's talk food. The scrumptious, buttery variety that forces you to undo that top button, curse your skinny jeans and live (without complaint) in your yoga pants...

I live, love, breathe (and sometimes beg) for delicious food. When I have free time in my day, I tune into the Food Network, read cookbooks, research restaurants in my favorite cities and email people at Le Cordon Bleu to find out how I might become a student.. I'm serious.

So, it should be no surprise that on this typical Tuesday here in West Texas I made chicken pot pie with homemade biscuits. Nevermind that it's 95 degrees outside and no time of year for anyone in their right mind to be making chicken pot pie or be using an oven, for that matter. But here I stood over a hot stove, a perfect rue forming and biscuit dough thickening. I love food (did I already tell you that?) but the real reason I labored over a hot stove was because next week John and I celebrate 2 years of marriage and I remember him saying once that he really likes chicken pot pie... and so pot pie it was. On the big day we'll be in New York City. I'll swoon over a lovely dinner from the gourmet kitchen at Pastis and not think twice about my 2x4 kitchen at home. But tonight, just for tonight, I wanted to whip him up something special... something with homemade biscuits. They weren't just your typical biscuits, though, they were heart biscuits...

I just realized how unappealing this picture actually looks, but trust me, it was delicious! If it didn't come straight out of Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa Family Style cookbook, I would totally share the recipe. But, I will say if you have 2 1/2 sticks of butter in your fridge, you're on the right track ;).

I'll report back after our trip with lots of photos of our adventures!!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Make a mental note

Just because you can do anything does not mean you can do everything.


Monday, July 12, 2010


Meet Scout: golden retriever, heart stealer and first addition to the Ellis family!

John and I approached this situation with level heads - the goal was to see the puppy yesterday evening and then sleep on it to prevent making an emotional decision. But when I held this little guy in all his fluffiness, I HAD to have him. I've always been an emotional and impulsive decision maker and this instance was no different. Just look at him.... I think it served me well this time :).

I'm working today while Scout is exploring the ranch with John. I just received a report that they took a trip in the Kubota, swam in the tank and napped in the hammock! I feel like a bad mamma for missing all of his first adventures. Lots and lots of cuddle time tonight to make up for it!

Do you have a dog? What are your best tips for raising a puppy?? This is my plea for help... don't ignore it!

Adding puppy chow and chew toys - LOTS of chew toys - to the grocery list. 


Friday, July 9, 2010

Top Ten

Either you're madly in love with someone and know where I'm coming from on this post OR you think this is totally disgusting and will never return to my blog. I'm sorry to the latter group - you will be missed - but this is necessary.

My heart is overflowing with love for my amazing husband this morning, so I'm writing, because writing is what I do when I'm excited and passionate about something. Stop reading here if you feel your breakfast coming up...

I could write a little novel right now about my relationship with John but will refrain since that would severely cut into the relaxing summer I hope to have from here on out, and not to mention my lunch break that I'm taking in 15 minutes.

So, I'm going to keep this short and sweet with a bulleted "I love you because" list. Here goes....

I Love You

1. You're persistent. You work harder than anyone I know and never take the easy way out.

2. You show me everyday what it means to truly love the Lord and let His strength be your own.

3. You tell me I'm beautiful first thing in the morning, when the crusties are still in my eyes and my hair is disheveled.

4. You're slow to anger and quick to forgive.

5. You remind me that all of my wildest dreams are possible.

6. You are the handiest of handy men.... the fact that you can fix my car with your right hand while building a wine rack with your left (ok, I kid... kind of), makes me feel like the luckiest lady on earth!

7. You make sure people around you feel valued.

8. You'll fall asleep to Mary Poppins on a rainy night with me.

9. You cook a mean chicken breast and eat the ones I destroy :)

10. You are an amazing husband who I know will be a wonderful dad someday!

You are the best!! xoxo

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Boy Scouts and Glow Bracelets

My July 4th weekend has, thus far, been filled with yummy food, good conversations and LOTS of relaxing.... as in, John and I have spent 12 hours on the couch watching Mad Men - believe me, I counted.

We haven't had a weekend like this in months, so instead of feeling antsy like I usually would on a sunny Sunday, I'm perfectly fine basking in the air conditioning on a cozy couch with a blanket. In this day and age, it's a luxury, really.

Because of the lack of activity around here, I don't have much to share today. Here's a little bit of what's been going on in the life of Mrs. Ellis. This summer has been crazy, fun, exciting, exhausting and challenging all at once... and that's what has made it so wonderful. We are blessed!

(P.S. My last name used to be Talley and, clearly, we're very amusing ;))

Just a little lunch with my high school sweetheart ;)

A real superhero, AKA my nephew Preston, dropped in to save the day :)

On top of the world



Sunday afternoon visit to the.... wait for it.... National Boy Scout Museum. Yes, I love my Eagle Scout that much. xo

Shuttle bus, Franzia, and glow bracelets may or may not have been involved...

Happy July 4th to you!