Friday, April 23, 2010

Taking a Little Vacation

I'm a little giddy this morning because my husband gave me permission (he keeps me on a tight leash ;)) to plan our summer vacations! I often Google luxury hotels and restaurants in glamorous cities, close my eyes and pretend I'm there instead of sitting in this sand box that is West Texas. Even after living in downtown Chicago for a year and having this view from my cozy apartment, I still crave the bright lights and hustle and bustle of a big city.

John and I have been fortunate enough to eat lots of amazing meals together in major cities including L.A., Paris, Washington D.C., London, Chicago, San Francisco, and yes, Dallas. Food is one thing I don't like to skimp on, so you can be sure that our vacations will include lots of good eats!

You might have noticed from the list of cities above that we haven't done NYC together - we've visited separately, but never together. It's on our agenda for the summer, no doubt.

While tickling our fancies but bringing us back down to earth, I'm also planning a separate road trip through the deep south - think New Orleans, Atlanta (to visit family), Savannah and Charleston. Southern hospitality, pounds of butter and charming bed and breakfasts just can't be beat! ;)

So here's my question: Do you have any hotel and restaurant recommendations in any of these locations? I'm looking for charming, romantic and affordable hotels and restaurants that will give us a real taste of each city.

Is there anything better than planning a vacation??


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Brittany said...

Your vacations sound so exciting! When you're in NYC, you HAVE to eat at Carnegie Deli and order their cheesecake. It is to die for! In fact, my grandmother orders one fir my birthday every year and has it shipped to me. :)
In regards to hotels there, we stayed at the Hotel Intercontinental with gorgeous views of Central Park. The hotel itself was very nice and had glam bathrooms. Of course, you can't beat the W Hotel (Downtown)!!
Can't wait to see y'all this summer.