Thursday, April 8, 2010


As I pulled up to my yoga studio at 6am this morning, the first thing that caught my eye through the studio's windows was a wooded sign that read "Simplify". Let me tell you, that sign was put there just for me...ok, maybe not, but God made sure that I really took that message to heart this morning. Although yoga naturally reminds me to keep things simple by focusing solely on my breath and body while I'm on the mat, some weeks I need it to be spelled out for me: SIMPLIFY.

When life gets a little topsy-turvy, I start focusing on the aspects of my life that I can control. While I do believe that being proactive is crucial in easing stress and boosting confidence, those nagging little details that we want to have a grasp on often put our minds in overdrive.

Instead of trying to control events and surroundings, why not just simplify? For instance, this weekend John and I are attending a wedding that, like almost all weddings, will bring us much joy while simultaneously tugging at our heartstrings. We were sent an agenda of sorts for the weekend that made us feel a little tense. Be at the church at this time, attend this dinner at this time, email this person if you can make it, etc. Having planned a wedding of my own, I know it's a wee bit stressful for everyone involved, whether you want it to be or not!

My thought this morning was that instead of worrying about all the event details - where I have to be, what I have to wear, how I'll feel emotionally throughout the weekend - I'm going to simplify and focus on the bottom line: we'll be there to simply love those around us. That just makes me feel warm inside :).

No matter what is on your weekend agenda, keep it simple and approach everything you do with love and courage.


"God is deeply attentive to our most secret hurts, concerns, and hopes." Beth Moore

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