Restaurant Picks

Whether I'm traveling for work or play, my trips are always centered around culinary delights! Here are some of my favorite restaurants in cities around the U.S. Try them out and let me know what you think!

Austin, TX
Whole Foods - (Ok, you got me, this isn't a restaurant, but it's better! As the Whole Foods headquarters, the Lamar location features an incredible variety of pre-made dishes and food counters, fantastic patios and the best raw juice bar in town.)
Guero's - (Authentic Mexican cuisine in a laid back atmosphere)
Moonshine - (Historic, cozy, and artistic - this restaurant serves up the best maccaroni and cheese you will ever have. Count my word.)

Dallas, TX
Neighborhood Services - (Best scallops I've ever had)
Hibiscus - (Fabulous cocktails)
Tillman's Roadhouse - (Fashionably southern. Incredible fries and even better homemade s'mores)

Chicago, IL
Carnivale - (Latin infused, from the food to the vibrant decor. This is one place you do not want to miss!)
Gene & Georgetti's - (Best steak in town)
Quartino - (Small plates and wine carafes - perfect for a Sunday afternoon)

Los Angeles, CA
The Stinking Rose - (Total garlic infusion - one of our favorite places to visit when we're in town)
Dan Tana's - (Old Hollywood Italian restaurant - great bar, great food, great service)
The Pantry - (Classic greasy breakfast - every city needs one!)

New York, NY
Mesa Grill - (Holy yum - get the corn)
Balthazar - (Made me feel like I was in Paris again with the classic french tiled flooring, booths, and cuisine - make reservations and be prepared for tight quarters!)
Chelsea Market - (From the seafood to the cupcakes, this place is a one stop shop)