Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sing Your Little Heart Out

I love this song by Britt Nicole - it has such a great message that I think syncs well with this blog :). Listen to it over and over again (I could keep this on repeat and drive my husband nuts :)).

Britt Nicole - Feel the Light

Instead, I'M the broken record right now singing Will Smith's "Welcome to Miami..." - in fact, I think those were my last words before I fell asleep last night (J can testify!). You see, I'm packing up for a short work trip to Miami where we'll be holding a press conference with a well-known golfer, who will remain anonymous for now ;). Looking forward to a little Florida sun and some time at the beautiful Four Seasons Miami (we like to keep it fancy around here ;)).

I'll check in tomorrow evening from Florida. Much love to YOU on this beautiful Tuesday!


1 comment:

Leticia said...

loving the blog! have fun in Miami! not a fan of that airport, but Miami will be awesome :) check out my blog if you want!