Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Can I Just Be Whelmed??

Why can't I just be whelmed? Why do I always have to be overwhelmed? There was a line that went something like this in 10 Things I Hate About You. Anybody remember that? Beth Moore restated it another way this morning and it hit the spot for me.

I woke up today, looked at my 2010 calendar and immediately felt overwhelmed! I am a born planner. My dad likes to remind me that on my 4th birthday I was already planning my 5th - it just comes naturally to me. That also means, however, that I have a very difficult time just living in the moment. I'm having a nice walk with a friend, well, you better believe I'm already asking if she wants to do it again tomorrow! Enjoying the weekend with my girlfriends? Already talking to them about what we should do no my next visit! It never ends with me!

Yes, my schedule is packed with work trips, work meetings, Junior League meetings, Bible studies, weddings, volunteer projects, lunches, dinners... you name an event and it's probably on my calendar! Don't get me wrong, I love staying busy and I especially love time spent with friends and family, but sometimes it just becomes too much.

I've noticed that as my calendar has become more jam packed the past few months, I've consequently put myself last on the to-do list. Yoga has become sporadic and even the gym (which is just downstairs) only sees me a few times each week. As a result, my life has gotten a little out of whack. I'd say it's time to simplify.

I encourage you to do it with me - take a look at your calendar... which events are you looking forward to and which are you dreading? Remove those events that you aren't excited about (work meetings don't count! ;)) and let the other people involved know that you need to take some time for yourself that evening instead. It's hard to say no to invitations, isn't it? I'm really good at saying yes and then questioning my answer after the fact.

Bottom line: I'm going to simplify the calendar, find more time in my weeks to take care of myself (yoga, gym, long walks, quiet mornings with my Bible, etc.) and really think about whether or not I want to participate in something before I commit.

Phew! I feel better already :).


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