Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Nights

I wish I could say that Sunday nights are relaxing around here, but they just aren't. Regardless of how much I try to soak up the last few weekend hours, Sunday nights are typically filled with many a sighs as I check (and dwell over) my work email and calendar. When you have ten meetings on your calendar and a 4am wakeup call to catch another flight (and likely be searched by airport security, yet again, at that ungodly hour), it's hard to stay postive...
But, let me be honest, I have SO MANY fun things to look forward to this week, and I'm sure you do, too! If I can plan something that I enjoy for each day of the week, it makes those meetings and early mornings much more bearable. Let me break it down for you:

MONDAY: 6am yoga (this might not sound like fun, but it's truly amazing and kicks my rear into shape:))
TUESDAY: 6am yoga, pizza and movie night with my Bible study girls!!
WEDNESDAY: Fingers crossed that I'll get to walk with my friend Amanda and her precious baby boy!
THURSDAY: Work trip to Austin - if the weather is nice, I WILL be found lunching on a local patio :)
FRIDAY: Wedding rehearsal din din for my friend Katherine in Houston, AND on top of that, I get to see my dear friend Hillary -- we've been best buds since we were 3 - see, I told you...

(That's me...screaming at the photographer...probably demanding more blush...)

SATURDAY: Wedding (interpreted - love, champagne and wedding cake.. enough said), QT with my other best friend, Sarah
SUNDAY: Back home to John (!!) and then Sunday night, of course, I'll make this list all over again for the week ahead :)

I almost fogot to tell you - my goal (if you can call it that) for the next year is to get out of bed by 6am every weekday for an entire year! I started it on Friday and it was such a productive morning! I made banana bread, had a cup of coffee, started laundry, spent some time in prayer, ran three miles and showered all before work started at 8:30. Suprisingly enough, I felt better all day than I do when I sleep in. Plus, the gratification I feel in being productive while the rest of the world  is sleeping (ok, I know there are plenty of people movin' and shakin' at 6am, but I like to believe I'm the only one up ;)) is a beautiful thing!

Have an amazing Monday... I'm praying for you!


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