Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Highs

Life has gotten a bit hectic again lately and I find myself craving that downtime on the couch...not just on Sunday, but on a Monday night when my energy should be at its peak. You know when you need a vacation from your vacation? That's how I felt today. After a lazy weekend at the lake, life was back in full swing this morning with work projects, laundry, dusting, grocery shopping... and the list goes on. I love that satisfaction of crossing off completed to-do's, but curling up on the couch with a blanket is tops!

Regardless of how exhausted I might feel, it's the busiest of weeks that give me the little nudge I need to stop and smell the roses. The fact that I'm able to stay as busy as I do is a blessing in and of itself, but here are a few other things I'm particular thankful for tonight...

Fall has arrived! By "fall" in Texas, I mean 65 degree mornings with promises of cooler afternoons and changing leaves on the horizon! Those first few mornings of crisp fall air on sunny days are so reinvigorating. I adore them.

My puppy, Scout. My poor pup was neutered today and I realized just how much I miss his company when he isn't around. He's teaching me how to be more selfless, and I appreciate that. Thanks, Scout! ;)

A cozy bed to climb into tonight. Hopping into bed with a candle lit, a cup of hot tea and Beth Moore playing on my iPod is the best way to end the day!

Tomorrow is a travel day - in and out of the big city for a four hour meeting and then home for a few hours of volunteer work.

What are you grateful for on this Monday night?



Aubrey said...

how did i not know you had a blog?!?!? :)

Bethany said...

I'd say it's about time we found each other! Adore your photography blog - you have a real talent, my friend! xo