Monday, July 12, 2010


Meet Scout: golden retriever, heart stealer and first addition to the Ellis family!

John and I approached this situation with level heads - the goal was to see the puppy yesterday evening and then sleep on it to prevent making an emotional decision. But when I held this little guy in all his fluffiness, I HAD to have him. I've always been an emotional and impulsive decision maker and this instance was no different. Just look at him.... I think it served me well this time :).

I'm working today while Scout is exploring the ranch with John. I just received a report that they took a trip in the Kubota, swam in the tank and napped in the hammock! I feel like a bad mamma for missing all of his first adventures. Lots and lots of cuddle time tonight to make up for it!

Do you have a dog? What are your best tips for raising a puppy?? This is my plea for help... don't ignore it!

Adding puppy chow and chew toys - LOTS of chew toys - to the grocery list. 


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