Friday, July 9, 2010

Top Ten

Either you're madly in love with someone and know where I'm coming from on this post OR you think this is totally disgusting and will never return to my blog. I'm sorry to the latter group - you will be missed - but this is necessary.

My heart is overflowing with love for my amazing husband this morning, so I'm writing, because writing is what I do when I'm excited and passionate about something. Stop reading here if you feel your breakfast coming up...

I could write a little novel right now about my relationship with John but will refrain since that would severely cut into the relaxing summer I hope to have from here on out, and not to mention my lunch break that I'm taking in 15 minutes.

So, I'm going to keep this short and sweet with a bulleted "I love you because" list. Here goes....

I Love You

1. You're persistent. You work harder than anyone I know and never take the easy way out.

2. You show me everyday what it means to truly love the Lord and let His strength be your own.

3. You tell me I'm beautiful first thing in the morning, when the crusties are still in my eyes and my hair is disheveled.

4. You're slow to anger and quick to forgive.

5. You remind me that all of my wildest dreams are possible.

6. You are the handiest of handy men.... the fact that you can fix my car with your right hand while building a wine rack with your left (ok, I kid... kind of), makes me feel like the luckiest lady on earth!

7. You make sure people around you feel valued.

8. You'll fall asleep to Mary Poppins on a rainy night with me.

9. You cook a mean chicken breast and eat the ones I destroy :)

10. You are an amazing husband who I know will be a wonderful dad someday!

You are the best!! xoxo

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