Monday, November 22, 2010

All I Need

Let's catch up! How is your sweet November going??
On some days here in Texas we cuddle up in big sweaters, and on others we sit out on our balconies and work on our tan. The weather throws us for loops, but we've had so many of those perfectly sunny and brisk days that I can't begin to complain!

There have been so many moments of pure joy this fall that I've wanted to just bottle up: I held our friends' newborn baby, had cozy nights on the couch with John, talked for hours with my parents, and spent an entire weekend with my closest girlfriends. Life is so sweet.

But then there are those days where we have to dig a little deeper to realize God's blessings. They test our faith and force us to rely on the notion that we are strong because God is strong. Our Texas weather is a great example of life's unpredictability. No matter what happens, we know that God is there, and there's nothing more comforting than that.

A really great friend of ours unexpectedly lost his dad today and my heart aches for him. We've all been busy writing out our Christmas lists and making sure our family members have our wish lists recorded down to specific colors and sizes. We spend Thanksgiving stuffing ourselves silly and giving little thought, if any, to those who go to bed hungry. John and I served Thanksgiving dinner to community members in need at our church last night, and my heart ached as I watched one elderly man grab leftovers from the nearby tables and carefully wrap them up in a large plastic bag to take home with him.

It's only Monday and already the events of this week have reinforced just how blessed I am at this very moment. God is so good, and I am constantly reminded of His amazing grace.

How have you been blessed today?


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